Last Man Standing Competition

Last Man Standing Competition starts on Sat 26th November.  £10 to enter with winner taking home £100.  Funds raised will go towards training gear and buying Beggsy a new ankle.

How To Play

Select one team to win from each week’s Barclays Premier League Fixtures (begins Sat 26th November).


If they win you are through to the next round, lose or draw and you are out


You must pick a different team every week for the duration of the competition i.e. you cannot select the same team twice.


Fee is £10 per entry and must be received before the 1st game week starts – Saturday 26th November 12 Noon.


You must register the team of your choice before 12 noon each Saturday.


If you fail to submit your selection, or if you pick the same team twice, or if your teams’ game is called off, you will automatically be allocated the highest placed team in the league that you have not already picked.


If all remaining entrants go out at the same time, they are all put back in until there is only 1 man left standing.


The Committee’s decision is final in all instances.


You MUST register your selection by contacting either Chris Scott on 07702137718 or Michael Corkum on 07850234088 before noon each Saturday.  If you do NOT register your team, a team WILL be allocated to you as described above.


Premier League Fixtures – weekend of Saturday 26th November:


Stoke v Blackburn, 12:45

Bolton v Everton, 15:00

Chelsea v Wolverhampton, 15:00

Man Utd v Newcastle, 15:00

Norwich v QPR, 15:00

Sunderland v Wigan, 15:00

West Brom v Tottenham, 15:00

Arsenal v Fulham, 17:30

Swansea v Aston Villa, 13:30 (Sun)

Liverpool v Man City, 16:00 (Sun)

Last Man Standing Competition

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